Impulse items

We carry thousands of items. Within all of those items we decided to launch a new category of "Impulse items." This category will help you easily find items to stock upfront in your stores so you can create a gauntlet at checkout. Impulse goods are products that people buy without planning. Retailers place these items near the checkout counters of Supermarkets, Gas stations, Hardware and other retail outlets. Products such as chocolate, sweet & salty snacks, gum, candy plus batteries round out the top items. 

To make them appear more attractive, most impulse displays do one of three things:

  • Offer a great price 
  • Remind the customer to purchase something they might need or have forgotten
  • Encourage add-ons that work with a variety of items in your store

Here’s how you can use impulse displays in your merchandising strategy to increase revenue and provide more value to your shoppers.

Why are Impulse Displays Important?

Retail studies show that customers only take in 1% of what they see in a store. It’s much like a reverse “can’t see the forest for the trees” situation: We see the store broadly but not all of the fine details inside it.

But details are important. Seeing is buying, especially when it comes to impulse items. Getting customers to see a product is the first and most important step in selling items on a whim.

Impulse purchases account for about one-third of all consumers make a sizable impulse buy every week, with a median purchase of $30. That’s a lot of money for retailers to leave on the table, which is why integrating impulse displays is a must.

How to Incorporate Impulse Displays

Part of increasing visibility for impulse items means placing merchandise where customers are sure to see it. Here are some creative ways to use impulse displays without coming across as salesy or pushy:

Choose Strategic Locations 

An impulse display in a corner is not going to have the same effect as one in high-traffic areas. Ensure impulse displays are always placed front and center in areas where shoppers spend the most time.

Display relevant items and accessories close to top sellers. Convenience can go a long way in encouraging shoppers to scoop up a few extra items.

Impulse displays require the same thought and consideration as the rest of your store’s decor. They should be prominent within the space and use signage to draw attention.
Provide Value
Successful impulse gauntlets create the idea that the customer is being offered something they may not get anywhere else. This increases the impulse items’ perceived value, whether it’s money or time saved, unique experiences, or convenience.



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Source SPC retail 2021