Online Resellers

                                                                       Updated March 2024


Thank-you for your interest in Regent Products Corp.  We do not distribute our inventory feed unless you have been approved to sell our product online. If you have not been approved, do not request an inventory feed. Currently, we are not accepting any new applicants at this time and not allowing anyone to tag on to existing listings of our items on Amazon.  

Too many sellers are competing and tagging on to existing listings. The current sellers of our products on Amazon are now in a pricing war with others that have latched on and all that has done is reduced sales and made those items less profitable. 

Our inventory consists of more than 6,000 items.  Many resellers have done well by bundling items together and creating NEW Listings. If you are going to create new listings, then we would have more interest in allowing you to receive our inventory feed.  

 Check back as this may change or email

  • Our Minimum order is $1500.00 No Exceptions, full cartons only. We do not piece pick.
  • We do not Drop Ship.
  • We work with the Amazon FBA Program only or we will ship product to your warehouse facility. It must be a business address/facility NO RESIDENTIAL DELIVERIES.
  • All orders must be paid in full before shipping.
  • We charge a 2% fee to labels your cartons.
  • Pallet labels are free.
  • We will not hold any orders for longer than a week. 
  • The inventory shown on our website is "Live & Current" and updated every 24 hours.
  • We do not work with online resellers outside the U.S.
  • You must produce your own UPC labels. You cannot use Regent Products UPC on Amazon. UPC codes are available for purchase on eBay.
  • We adhere to all manufacturer’s rules and restrictions.
  • If you see an item in our inventory that says "No Amazon Sales", it means just that. You can't sell it on Amazon but, it can be sold on other websites.
  • We do provide an excel spreadsheet of our inventory with product UPC codes after you complete our Reseller form and are approved.
  • Restricted items are removed from the inventory spreadsheet but are still shown on our website.
  • We accept all major credit cards Visa, MasterCard, Discover & AMEX.
  • Some vendors do not supply us with MSDS sheets, CPC's or testing especially if the item is a closeout. Before purchasing an item ask for documentation. If it is available, we will provide it to you. If we don't have it we cannot provide it. Ask ahead of time before purchasing.

  • All freight is shipped F.O.B our warehouse. (River Grove, IL near Chicago’s O’Hare Airport)
  • Freight charges are your responsibility and are paid before we ship your order.
  • After your order leaves our facility, you now own the merchandise while in transit and are responsible for filing any damage claims directly with the trucking company not Regent Products.
  • We will not ship any single case items deemed “Fragile.” Orders containing liquids, aerosols, gels, picture frames, glassware, dinnerware must meet a minimum order amount to ship on a pallet and shrink wrapped. These orders are shipped by a trucking company.
  • We do ship via UPS but some items cannot due to potential damages and Hazmat restrictions.
  • We cannot ship any product with FEDEX.
  • We are Strictly Wholesale and are not open to the Public.
  • You must provide us with a Tax I.D. Number.
  • No Residential deliveries. No Exceptions.

“California Prop 65 ”

Learn more about California Proposition 65 and how this could affect you. We will not allow you to purchase or sell any items with the “Prop 65 Rule" online.


Items purchased from Regent Products Corp cannot be rebranded, relabeled, repackaged or retagged under any other brand without written permission from Regent Products Corp.



Regent Products Corp. reserves the right to limit, restrict or refuse the sale of any of its products to online sellers. Regent Products Corp. fully owns all of the merchandise shown on our website and at its discretion can control, limit or refuse to have any of its items displayed on third party websites. Regent Products Corp. may have “item exclusive” agreements with select resellers and prohibit the sale of those items to anyone else requesting to sell online.  Parties interested in reselling our merchandise online must notify us and receive permission via mail or email and complete a reseller form/agreement.  All resellers must receive authorization prior to uploading any items and cannot sell our product until notified.  All Merchandise purchased from Regent Products Corp. cannot not be rebranded, relabeled, repackaged or retagged under any other brand. Regent Products Corp fully owns its UPC codes. Resellers must get permission to use our proprietary UPC Codes. Violation of this policy can lead to your account being suspended with Regent Products Corp. 

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