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                 Questions? Call us at 800.583.1002
                    Hours: Mon - Fri | 8AM - 5PM (CST)  
General Sales Inquiries
Vice President
Ray Batkiewicz ext. 330
Email: Ray Batkiewicz

Sales Manager
Ken Soens ext. 274
Email: Ken Soens

Assistant | EDI Coordinator
Laura Lewand ext. 221
Email: Laura Lewand
Customer Service Manager
Laurie Shreffler ext. 222
Email: Laurie Shreffler
Accounts Payable
Kathy Biagi ext. 241
Email: Kathy Biagi
Credit Department
Aurora De La Torre ext. 228
Email: Aurora
Hablo Español!
Michelle Melchor  ext. 211
Email: Michelle
Hablo Español!
Sales (TEAM 20)
Noelle Roubal ext. 272
Email: Noelle Roubal
Joe Delulio ext. 235
Email: Joe DeLulio
Jose Valles ext. 217
Email: Jose Valles
Hablo Español!
Nikki Shenault ext. 295

Sales (TEAM 44)
Nicole Laudadio ext. 236 
Email: Nicole Laudadio

Brittany Wirtz ext. 207
Marina Martinez ext. 276
Email: Marina Martinez
Kevin Neidy ext. 275 
Email: Kevin Neidy
   Michael N. DePaul ext. 234
Email: Michael
Laura Lewand ext. 221
Email: Laura Lewand
Mariana Vega ext. 282
Email Mariana Vega
Mal Karnes ext. 233 
Email: Mal Karnes

John Danek ext 263
Email: John Danek


Kim Vazquez ext. 209
Email: Kim Vazquez
Chelsey Flynn ext. 284
Email: Chelsey Flynn
Ana DeLeon ext. 292
Email: Ana DeLeon
Hablo Español!
Raime DePaul ext. 259
Email: Raime DePaul

Ana DeLeon ext. 292
Email: Ana DeLeon
Hablo Español!
Frank Mentone ext. 260
Email: Frank Mentone
Cori Olson ext. 258
Email: Cori Olson
Ana DeLeon ext. 292
Email: Ana DeLeon
Hablo Español!
Human Resources
Kelly Pierzynski ext. 285
Email: Kelly Pierzynski
Closeouts & Domestic Purchasing
Vice President of Purchasing
Domestic Closeouts & Continuity
John Cherne ext. 206
Email: John Cherne
Daria Janik ext. 239
Email: Daria Janik

Teresa Jordan-Hammerle ext. 227
Email: Teresa
Adriana Melendez ext. 262
Hablo Español!
Import Department
Import Director
Sharon Welty ext. 229
Email: Sharon Welty
Import Buyer
Bonnie Davies ext. 265
Email: Bonnie Davies

Administrative Assistant 
Gayle Claffy ext. 291
Email: Gayle Claffy

Assistant Import Buyer
Samantha Matuszewski ext. 253
Email: Samantha

Midwest Market Days

Tradeshow Coordinator
Joanna Kastle
P. 916-376-9437 
F. 916-376-9471 
Email: Joanna Kastle
Warehouse Manager
Fred Hanses ext. 249
Email: Fred Hanses
Traffic, Routing | Delivery Appt.
Christine Nugent ext. 248
Traffic Assistant
Sandy Arce ext. 247
Email: Sandy Arce